Ivan Polikarov (nekto) wrote,
Ivan Polikarov

Кажется, наконец-то нашёл приличного винтажного фантаста, чтоб "поизучать".
Кордвайнер Смит (псевдоним) - специалист по Южной Азии и психологической войне, во время 2-й мировой участвовал в создании первых подразделений по псих-войне в штатовской армии, потом консультировал в разных конфликтах (Корея и т.п.), работал на ЦРУ и т.д.
На досуге писал мрачный, детализированный и изобретательный сай-фай.
Фантазии у него были примерно такого плана:
"-Planet Norstrilia, a semi-arid planet where an immortality drug is harvested from gigantic virus-infected sheep, each weighing more than 100 tons
-The punishment world of Shayol (cf. Sheol), where criminals are punished by the regrowth and harvesting of their organs for transplanting
- Planoforming spacecraft, which are crewed by humans telepathically linked with cats and which defend themselves against the attacks of unknown malevolent entities in space with the flash of small atomic weapons (these entities are perceived by the humans as dragons, and by the cats as gigantic rats)
- The Underpeople, animals modified genetically into human form and intelligence to fulfill servile roles, and treated as property. Several stories feature clandestine efforts to liberate the underpeople and grant them equal rights. They are seen everywhere throughout regions controlled by the Instrumentality.
- Habermans and their supervisors, Scanners, whose sensory nerves have been cut to block the "pain of space", and who perceive only by vision and various life-support implants. Other modes of perception can be temporarily restored to scanners by "cranching".

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